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Sitting Still

1.99 usd

A Mindfulness App for TeensAre you experiencing stress? Having trouble concentrating for an exam? The Sitting Still App will help you relax and concentrate, so you can perform better at school, work or elsewhere.
The Sitting Still App offers a number of guided meditations and many advanced features: notebook, feedback, elaborate statistics and the option to set up reminders based on time and location to help you relax anytime and anywhere.
The guided meditations are based on the effective method from Eline Snel. Her method has been proven successful in many countries and enables you to be more aware of your attention.
The Sitting Still App is the perfect tool to help you deal with stress, worries and difficult feelings.
10 guided meditations with personal notebook features to keep track of your progress4 silent meditations with bells: 3, 5, 15 and 30 minutes2 guided body scans: a short and a long oneOption to customize a meditation with or without guided beginning.Statistics which you can use to keep track of your progress on a weekly, monthly or yearly basisOptional notes to write to yourself after every meditationOptional reminders to meditate on location and/or timeOption to send motivational messages to yourself at any moment
You can decide when and where you would like to meditate and receive notifications automatically.You can choose a long or short meditation.You can choose to be guided through a meditation or just use bells at the beginning and the end of the meditation.You can choose the length of the meditation.You can make notes to keep track of your progress.You can send yourself motivational notifications automatically at locations or at any time you want.All meditations are saved so you can clearly see how long you practiced and meditated.